Empowering Fairness in Finance – The Story of

At Account Closed our primary mission is to champion fairness within a financial system that is unfriendly and unfamiliar to most. It is almost impossible to live in Britain today without access to banking, due to this, we believe everyone deserves to be treated ethically, justly and transparently. We will challenge unfair practices and ensure that those impacted receive the support and justice they deserve.

Championing Consumer Rights in the Financial Sector

At the heart of lies a deep commitment to fairness. We challenge the status quo, fighting against the arbitrary closure of accounts and advocating for the rights and dignities of every individual and business affected. Our collective goal is not just to address individual cases but to influence systemic change, ensuring a just and ethical treatment for all in the financial sector.

Media Enquiries and Support

For media enquiries, interviews, or detailed information about our campaigns and initiatives, please contact us via As continues to grow and make a tangible impact, we invite the media to share our story and join us in advocating for a fairer financial system. We’re open to interviews, feature articles, and any form of collaborative content that can help spread our message.

Our Achievements

Membership Milestone:

Celebrating over 150,000 registered members which is growing in support daily

Outreach Success:

Our message resonates with over a million visitors and supporters.

Policy Influence:

Our advocacy led to mass media attention

Success Stories:

We have a collection of powerful testimonials from individuals and businesses.

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